High quality aluminium achitectural systems

High Quality Minimal Aluminum Systems

Our minimal aluminum systems are virtually frameless, designed intricately utilising material reduced to their very essence, seamlessly merging the exterior with interior living spaces. Our minimal series provide maximum glass visibility & acoustic insulation.

An overall effect of unique luminous ambience giving panoramic view and a closer approach to the elements of nature. It provides an exceptional visual experience, minimising the frames (4 sides concealed profiles), concealed window tracks and producing a flawless optical balance between the interior and exterior area.

Double and triple glazing options available and the interlock profile is just 17mm. This system combines Aesthetics, Innovative Technology, Privacy & Security, Structural Integrity, with feather touch usability features.

Our window system can withstand high wind load, provides sound insulation, water tightness & flood your living space with natural light. Structural sturdiness of the system, multipoint locking feature & modular design i.e unlimited combinations of sliding & fixed leaf elements possible with all corners concealed frames, stylish opening makes this system meet every desire for surreal living experience & luxury aesthetics.